Curriculum Vitae

  1. IIT- Kharagpur Passout (Mechanical Engg)
  2. Former IRS Officer
  3. Former Joint Commissioner in the Income Tax Department
  4. One of the Activists who gave India one of the most powerful rights- the Right to Information
  5. Winner of Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership in 2006
  6. Founded Public Cause Research Foundation along with Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia.
  7. Founded a movement named ‘Parivartan’ in 1999 to educate the poor about their rights and taxes
  8. Used RTI to expose the irregularities in water, electricity and PDS distribution even before joining the Jan-Lokpal Movement.
  9. Drafted Jan-Lokpal bill along with other activists, and fought for 2 years to pass it.
  10. Founded Aam Aadmi Party
  11. Chief Minister of Delhi
  • pankaj

    hi sir,
    I am too much frustrate by my boos behavior.He is not giving my salary from 3 months.Please help me.I am helpless.I cant go to police.


  • Subrata Bhattacharjee

    Sir tried to contact with you all the way but did not succeed, need to contact with you urgently my number is 09031202361 , n mail id is , i m from Jharkhand n need to speak with you very urgently. Kindly contact me,


      hii dear sir you are the great hero against corruption so i want to join your party myself Mnoj Mishra from Faijabad(u.p) and i want to join your party
      plz contact me my current phone no-8750108132,mail

  • Shrikant Tangade

    Respected Sir, I (Shrikant Subhash Tangade) from Karnataka (Bangalore), want some clarifications about my queries… Its important Sir.. I know now you full busy with elections, I understand Sir, Sir you cant have time to talk on phone, so please mail to my mail id (STANGADE@GMAIL.COM), i discuss through e-mail id Sir…Sir please… Thank you very much..

  • Desh Change Agent


    I am from Tamilnadu, and a civil servant, and a vivid supporter of Anti -corruption spade works going on by Deshabimani supporters, among one was Br. Kejriwal.

    God willing, AAP will assume power by 1st week of January in Delhi.

    Don’t stop.


    Field canditates in 80 Loksabaha seats for 2014 General Elections ( in 60+ , 1million+ cities of India).

    Make AAP , a deciding force in Parliament.

    Brother, I wish to be a partner to change the face of our Great Country.


  • Abhishek0592

    Respected sir,
    I am abhishek singh from jaipur. sir i need your contact number or your email id.sir plz give ur id as soon as possible. I have an important issue i need to talk. So if u can do me favor then plz contact me on

  • Jeegar Shah

    Dear Arvind Sir:
    Congratulations for your victory in Delhi. It is a start of a new journey in Indian politics.
    sir you have 28 seats and BJP have 31. This mandate is for coalition and not for sitting in opposition or re -election. re election will be insult of the people of Delhi.

    Coalition government is ground reality in India. You can work out Common Minimum Programme (CMP) with BJP without diluting your principles. this is not for power but for the citizens of Delhi. Sir now you have the opportunity to make atleast Delhi corruption free and give good governance.
    If your CMP does not work well with BJP than you can always come out of the government and go for the elections.
    Please keep your ego aside and accept the mandate of the people of Delhi. Please don’t disappoint them.

  • Dr. Shabir Mirza

    Ab Desh Me Gunjega Charo Taraf Bas Ek Hi Naam Arvind Kejriwal Arvind Kejriwal Arvind Kejriwal Arvind Kejriwal Arvind Kejriwal ..!!

  • Manoj Kumar

    Dear Sir,
    Is it possible we can choose good hearted and responsible person won in election in other party i.e BJP and congress and put them in AAM aadmi by thier party concert and make majority in assembly , this can avoid reelection, and this you can choose by facebook like if nation want.if you disagree then also i respect your decision.This suggestion was given by all my old age well wisher of our area

  • ashutosh kumar rai

    sir i urgently want to talk to that AAM aadmi who made me know the power of a common man which resides in me also……. i a big supporter of your party ……. and i want to join with your party and work for it in cleaning the corruption of the country pls want a chance to work with this party

  • Rumela Guha

    Hello Sir, I am a lawyer from Tripura. My whole life I have fought and stood against corruption. I want to join your movement as I believe, collectively we can and must take initiative to make a positive change in our society. I am constantly in touch of a group of young like minded people who are willing to support and stand up for the said cause. Please contact me on +91-9089088444 or you can reply me to / Thank you.

  • Anita Mahindru

    Sir I am a motivational an corporate speaker running my own recruitment and corporate training consultancy.I specially focus on women empowerment. I am highly inspired by your movement and would like to be a part of it.

  • Dr Uday Singh Rajput

    I am doubtful about the activities of the politicians who may come from other parties to join AAP. They may be honest but may be having inherent egos, and therefore it may be difficult to transform their hearts to become aam aadmi. Jai Hind. Jai Bharat.

  • Rosso

    Hi Arvind, Congrats. I am also from IIT-KGP [1978] and we all are proud of you. Now, you must become the Chief Minister of Delhi and start by implementing all the benefical and non-controversial matter, not necessarily from your manifesto. In case you are toppled by a no confidence motion, the public will consider that you have been overthrown by the so called power centres for your honest deeds. That will make you a greater hero. All the best in the next Delhi Assembly elections [if the big brothers decide to topple you by joining hands with each other] and the Lok Sabha Elections in which AAP is definitely going to make a mark. Fight on. – Rosso

  • Jay Pandya

    HI Arvind Sir …. I am Jayesh here… I am Principal and academic consultant currently working at China since two years .. I am from Ahemedabad . Have worked for 10 yeasr in Rajkot .. stayed in Kutch for 12 years … Native Bhavnagar .. Surat for 3 years and Gandhinagar – Banglore – Mumbai are also some of the places I worked… MBA – MEd . I would be glad to support you for your mission Gujarat .. Like so many others I am also fade up of corrupt politicians and hence officials .. I have more than 3000 Ex Students and their family who will listen to my words and then can multiply the same .. My wife is from Palitana and her father was Principal in school. Being a person in education field … I know I CAN …. Regards & Best Luck … Jayesh …

  • anushree pradhan

    Sir I bet my name to be changed on the fact that u’ll be making the government, with my dad n I really like my name 🙂 but wat I want to convey to u is plz do not get into coliation gov. with congress, it’ll harm u further, coz ur the hope for the whole country now and everyone is hoping to get aap to form government in other states too since we do not have any choices. I have been supporting u with ur mission since the beginning and any help u need from my side I am always there. Apart from that keep ur self healthy, saw ur cold on tv and ur too important and after all my monkey blabber from one engineer to another respect from heart sir, to u overall 🙂 Anushree Pradhan

  • SK. Imran Hossain

    I am pursuing final year of law graduation from Callcutta University. I would be glad to open a wing of AAP in Kolkata. Waiting for your kind response

  • Sanjana

    Respected Sir , i am a student from Andhra Pradesh .i hope you will read it . i am deeply inspired of your
    thoughts and sometimes i feel like becoming a part of your party . i
    wanted to know if your party is confined to DELHI region only or will
    you spread it . i request you to spread AAP all over the country , only if the person
    standing for election is one who can die for DHARMA not according to
    popularity or fame . if you don’t find people like them i request you to
    wait .i would like to tell you to encourage the youth all over the country who
    are filled with energy. i know we need experience to become leaders but
    these days, looking at the present ruling leaders everyone started to hate politics and is
    considering the ” LEADER ” as one who strive for power and money instead of the people’s well being . The
    one who stick for the welfare of the country and its progress are very
    rare .India is a land of prosperity , traditions , culture , etc., but now everywhere CORRUPTION. sir , all the science of today that is being discovered was already in our vedas and upanishads but we are not using them for our growth. More than sports ,movies, etc., i can surely tell you a country’s maximum progress depends on SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. india which was once called the land of resources is now facing material crisis ? instead of making and supplying high-technical machinery,war missiles,etc., to the rest of the world , it is buying them from other countries ? that too which were used by them for a long time ! even though we have talented scientists we are gaining nothing , just because lack of effective leaders in our country. ” sir, the one with education is like a lamp once you ignite it , it won’t use the light for itself ; it will give light to everyone even though it’s burning itself. you , the one with patience must ignite us, the tomorrow’s citizens how to be ” . the people with similar views always support one another and if their path is DHARM everyone will join them .it’s really sad that you are not able to form the government . you didn’t support congress or bjp which reflects the sign of your commitment to your principles. you are, no doubt , THE MAN OF PEOPLE ! why don’t you start publishing a weekly magazine especially for youth. instead of writing about politics , you inspire with your thoughts , how a true leader must be ,how we must strive together for our country ,peoples welfare and values. it’s the age at which students will be at their best part of life .if you make them think over all the essential values for the development of india , within a few years we will stand at the top ! SIR , THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is – know the views of students . you question us- what we would do if we were in a particular situation ,how would we react and all BECAUSE a person’s character will be known by the way he/she think. you may question me if everyone will read that or not , you no need to worry about that; everyone who are with you; who are honest,responsible,well being will surely do that ” .because even thousands of sparkling white stones can never equal a single diamond and once we recognise it we won’t lose it as we know it’s value and those people who follow you are a few of such “. ” sir, when we lit a candle everyone around it will have the same influence like that when the righteous are with you all those surrounded by them will also get influenced !” * ” sir, you are UNIQUE just because you are what you are ” *. i always want you to be the same even though the whole world blame you. i think you may know we require lots of medicine to save ones life but to kill one just a small grain of poison is enough ! we can spread something wrong and unjust within seconds but to spread goodness it takes years ! as you follow dharm , people will surely come to know your value and after that they won’t leave you .. when we are at our worst, only a few words of great people inspire and fill us with energy once again . if you really want a change , you directly connect with people because we need you ! you may ask how you alone can do all this ! ” even the huge ocean start with a single water drop ” . you are never alone we are all with you .you no need to turn back. you initiated a great task of making india prosperous and best without narrow thoughts,corruption etc., you will succeed for sure but the party members must be committed and devoted to their responsibility ! i will do my best part for the growth of AAP when the time comes . sir , my best wishes ! even though i’m too young to say you something you took time to read , which is simply your great quality and for that my hearty THANK YOU ! please forgive me if you come across any mistakes . sir i wanted to tell you many more but i don’t want to make you tired. so once again thank you very much !

  • Sanjana

    sir , you just be yourself . do what you think is right . either to form the GOVT. or to leave . but out of a little fear i wanted to tell you:- ” to gain a GOOD name it require a lot of time but a BAD name ,not even a minute ! ” don’t mistake me for this because i don’t like to hear if people blame AAP . sir , ” in front of a few people, take a large white paper , mark a small black dot and ask them what they are able to see ” everyone will see only the black dot BUT not the white paper ! like that , no one look at the good that we do throughout our life ; they only look at the single mistake that we do, let how small it is maybe ! i want your life be such a pure white page without any mark on it . you are an inspiration to many today ! i want you to be cautious because the corrupt will influence in all the ways and they try their level best to show the good as bad . ” only that bridge is really strong which withstands all the cyclones and floods ” . be strong and i also know one thing , ” in a forest even if there is a single sandalwood tree , it fills all its surroundings with pleasant fragrance ” . you are one of such ! my best wishes sir !

  • Guest

    Hi Arvinid,

    Im Pavan Kavuri, From Hyderabad.. I’m a software Engineer earninig around 80k per month… I was frustrated about this govt. and system which we have currently … Planned to leave from India… Finally i got some hope where we can do some thing possible and can change the country … I dont have more money to invest .. but i have lot of courage to serve the nation…Some where some hope… I want to stand from OUR AAP in Hyd or Bapatla ANDHRA PRADESH (Home town Guntur Dt..)

    Please give me an opportunity to give some hope to the nation that we will change our country.. we will be the Bridge to the right path…….

    Pavan Kavuri

  • Pavan Kumar Kavuri

    Hi Arvinid,

    Im Pavan Kavuri, From Hyderabad.. I’m a software Engineer earninig around 80k per month…not at all interested about money.. I use to participate with my father in social activities while i was in the age of 7,8.9 years old… He was a bank employee who use to earn 3k per month in 90’s and use to spend half of the money to the social activities in near by village’s. Started a social trust by my initial & did not get support from any one.. tried tried … fed up… got dropped…. I want to full fill his aim in the path of helping people…. Hope i have book with cut of news papers where my father use to do social activities … I was frustrated about this govt. and system which we have currently … Planned to leave from India… Finally i got some hope where we can do some thing possible and can change the country … I dont have money to invest… .. but i have lot of courage to serve the nation…Some where some hope… I want to stand from OUR AAP in Hyd or Bapatla ANDHRA PRADESH (Home town Guntur Dt..)

    Please give me an opportunity to give some hope to the nation that we will change our country.. we will be the Bridge to the right path…….

    Pavan Kavuri

    • M Ameen

      Hi Pavan,We have about 10,000 AAP volunteers in AP

  • Ajay Pratap Singh

    sir i think now at this moment you should not support any of the parties and bring in president’s rule in motion .. after which you must support anna sir and force the goverment(president’s rule) for lokpal bill which can come in action .. and after a mere six months i guaruntee you that in next election you will get seats above 40 to form a clear government .. and this will be good for everyone as well as our country

  • Rahul

    I,m deeply inspired by you…you have shown the path of honesty and truthfulness to us.I,m DOCTOR by profession if you need any help do contact me.HATS OFF TO YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE


      can u provide me some help in getting admission in mbbs

  • Dr. Vivek Pathak

    प्रिय मित्रों,

    आपका सादर अभिनंदन!!!

    आम आदमी पार्टी के संयोजक अरविंद केजरीवाल ने जनता से राय मांगी है कि दिल्ली में “आप” को सरकार बनानी चाहिए या नहीं। इस संबंध में राय देने के लिए आप 08806110335 पर “Yes” या “No” लिख कर भेज सकते हैं। आप चाहें तो पर भी अपनी राय बता सकते हैं।

    अब आपके, यानी जनता के हाथ में है कि आप दिल्ली का कैसा भविष्य चाहते हैं… वैसे मैंने उस वेबसाइट पर जाकर “आप” की सरकार बनाने के पक्ष में अपनी राय दी है। इसलिए मैं भी व्यक्तिगत रूप से आपकी राय जानना चाहता हूँ, इसलिए यदि संभव हो, तो अपनी टिप्पणी अवश्य लिखें।

    मेरा निवेदन: मैं आपसे पूरी उम्मीद करता हूँ कि दिल्ली को एक स्वच्छ छवि वाली, साफ़-सुथरी सरकार प्रदान करने के लिए आप अपने उत्तर में “Yes” लिखेंगे और उस वेबसाइट पर जाकर भी “आप” की सरकार बनाने के लिए अपनी राय देंगे।

  • Hemang Joshi

    My Self is ”AAM AADMI” Sir,good going,as we are waiting for the same……..I request you to please Grab this Opportunity for Delhi CM, and Prove that,you are 100% capable for Not for Delhi But also for India…Sir,this is the chance do not refuge it……..All ready I am member of AAP in Gujarat,Pl.consider me as a Election candidate….My cell No.- 9824013266

  • R srivastava

    IF SHRI ARVIND KEJRIWAL IS READING THIS BLOG… my advice is please do not form government on support of congress or BJP without majority, else they will take back their support and disable your govt at any time. form govt only with majority. have patience. you will win. else IT MAY BE LIKE SHRI CHANDRA SHEKHAR GOVT AS PM IN PAST. LEARN FROM HISTORY PLEASE

  • Niermal Chhajed

    अरविंदजी ,
    कोटि कोटि बधाई व नमस्कार

    शुरुआत किजिये स्वच्छ प्रशाषन की. आपका वादा पूरा हो सकता है जो आपने बिजली के दामों के लिए किये हैं. जैसे की महाराष्ट्र मै
    MSEB कभी हुआ कराती थी, अब उसीकी तिन स्वतंत्र कंपनिया है. इससे महाराष्ट्र में दम बढ़े है. मान लीजिए A ने B को ३० %,
    Bने Cको ३०% Cने ग्राहकोंको ३०% मुनाफेसे मुहैया कराई तो दाम दुगुनेसेभी ज्यादा हो जायेंगे। सबसे पहले अगर दिल्ली में यही है तो
    तीनो का विलय होना चाहिए।

    सबसे अहम् मैंने एक मीटर ऐसा डिज़ाइन किया है जो कि तक़रीबन २० क्रियाओंको निभाता है. यह करीब २५ साल पहले इंजीनियरिंग
    के समय की परिकल्पना थी जिसके पीछे चोरी रोकना और बिलिंग शीघ्रता थी, जब डिज़ाइन हुआ समय और टेक्नोलॉजी के साथ स्मार्ट
    मीटर बन गया, ऐसा मीटर कही भी नहीं है, इसीलिए इसे पेटेंट फ़ाइल किया जा सका। इस मीटर से और ग्राहकोंके सहयोग से
    बिजली का बिल निश्चित कम किया जा सकता है और लोड शेडिंग भी ख़त्म की जा सकती है।

  • Bijay kumar Mohapatra

    Dear Sir, Myself Bijay kumar Mohapatra. I am 33 years old Indian. I have a publication house in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. You are a inspiration for the youth of India. I want to work with you. Please contact with me . My mail Id is

  • Akhilesh Dwivedi

    Dear Sir, I tried to contact with you but unfortunately i did not succeed.I want to join your party and became a member of your mission.I am working as a engineer and belong from Allahabad.Kindly give me a chance for working with you.My mail Id is and contact no. is 08769569123

    • M Ameen

      Please get connected with AAP Uttar Pradesh in your state and make a CHANGE you want.Hopefully from there we can move ahead.Jai hind

  • basant sharma

    I want to join AAP in Haryana, I am a well educated and sincere person. My cobtact details are as :;

    Plz tell me the procedure to join AAP.

    • M Ameen

      Please get connected with AAP in Haryana state and make a CHANGE you want.Hopefully from there we can move ahead. Jai hind

  • Surinder Paul

    Sir tried to contact with you all the way but did not succeed, Since you are in search of honest politicians across the country, an another name for such a politician is Sh. Manpreet Badal, Ex-Finance Minister, Punjab. He is also fighting for the pride of people of Punjab, Red-beckon, He has never taken a Government vehicle, While working as FM Punjab he use to drive his own car. I being a senior Officer in the State worked with him for about one and a half year, I have never seen a politician with such a great vision love with the country men. His party PPP failed to create miracle as you did in Delhi.

    • M Ameen

      Please get connected with AAP in your state and make a CHANGE you want.Hopefully from there we can move ahead.Jai hind


    Sir thanks for founding AAP , sir Aap jaisa ker rhe hai waisa maine bhi socha tha, kuch kosis bhi kri thi , thanks meri kosis ko pura kerne ke liye , mere bharat ko aap aur AAP KI BAHUT jarurat hai , mai bhi aap ke saath hu24×7 MY EMAIL IS , its my pleasures to serve for AAP .IF you have some time then please contact me I m from varanasi u.p

    • M Ameen

      Atul,Please get connected with AAP UP and hopefully from there we can move ahead.Jaihind


        Thanks ,Ameen Sir my contact no is 8726623352 Sir Please contact me I have alot to talk for our strategies which is best for AAP , I M THE POSTGRADUATE IN M.SC BOTANY .HOPE U MUST CONTACT ME

  • Pankaj Kumar Gupta

    Namaste Sir Mera Naam Pankaj Kumar Gupta Hai Me 1992-2004 Tak Principle Raha Hun Dindayal Higher Secondary School Banda District Sagar (M.P) Me Waha Naukri Karta Tha Me Ek Imaandar Aur Swach Chavi Ka Wayakti Hun Aur Me Chahata Hun Ki Aap Apne Is Mission Me Aap Mujhe Ek Sewa Karne Ka Awsar Pradan Kare Aur Vartmaan Me Gwalior Niwas Kar Raha Hun.
    Email ID –
    Address – N-6&7 Amaltas Colony Near DABAS School Gole Ka Mandir Road Gwalior 474006 (M.P)
    Mobile No. – 09300939718,0751-2472812

  • Kishore Singh Rajput

    Hi sir, congratulations for your win in elections. I heartily wanted that one because it was my dream that at least one true person wins the race and clean the dirty of our politics. I think you r the only one who can cleanup the shit politics. I m such kind of person who will never mind to die in border or anywhere for India with honesty, but still struggling for bread and butter. if there is any kind of service that i can help to remove poverty, or whichever needful to India please call me. Kishore: 9999610902

  • Shashi Shekhar

    Dear Sir,I respect you as a person but as a leader I have some doubt on you which makes me feel that you are no different than other politicians. some questions…
    1.why you started your political career from delhi,which compare to many other states is developed? Was it for media attention because if you sweep road in delhi whole media will focus you but if you do same work in a village the scenario is different?
    2.Why like other politicians you announced free gifts for public,like free water n many compensations?
    3.Why we are still treated as slaves by politicians where you use to keep us in illusion by bribing us legally?
    4.Why unemployment and education is not your primary agenda?
    5.Do you think society is ready for a change? Do you think without changing our society you will be able to eradicate corruption?
    6.Don’t you think it is not the wrong government but we,common people,are responsible in major proportion for which you are fighting?

    Sir,250 years of foregin rule has made us slave in our thinking and attitude.this is India where we common people fear demanding our rights.if you wish to do our welfare please do not give us freebies,give us knowledge,education,awareness.Your crusade will not achieve its goal until society changes its attitude as we as society are most involved in corruption,wrongdoings.Sir,this is India where Media,Politicians,Babas treat us as they wish And we used to dance as they direct,why??….because we are ignorant,we are not aware… sir i do not question your campaign but i have doubt in the path you have chosen,which resembles old political system.

  • deepti anand

    Dear Sir,
    Hearty congratulations, I am a PhD student from Bangalore and am extremely happy about the revolution you have created. Sir i think you should accept security and protection for yourself as you are the most important asset the country has now.Also following the basic protocol, with a driver and a car is important as you need to save your energy for lots of other essential tasks that nobody else can do other than you.You can probably take a poll on this and i am sure lots of people feel the same 🙂
    May god bless you and grant success in all your endeavors and people like me follow you every minute

  • Swati Chakraborty

    Dear Sir,

    I am a PhD student of Human Rights from University of Calcutta and along with that I am Research Consultant of National Human Rights Commission(NHRC),India. When ever I stated my career as an human rights researcher at NHRC initially I was so excited and it was like my dream comes true but after spending some months over I can feel that no place is free from corruption and inhuman action.

    So I would like to share my views with you.

  • Swati Chakraborty

    All the Best

  • Sumit Saurav

    Feel like today we got freedom

  • Velayutham

    Dear Mr. CM-Delhi

    It gives me immense happiness to know about the recent change in the Delhi Politics. I would refer this day as a ‘Red letter day’ in the Indian politics. I pray god that he blesses you abundantly to make this reformation to create a corruption free India under your leadership in the offing.

    Best Wishes,

    M Velayutham, Ambattur – Chennai, TN.

  • dr.vidya shivapur

    hi arvind sir congratulations u r the youngest chiefminister of delhi n we are proud of you.iam a homeoepath sir i was working as a ayush medical officer in karnataka. and as you asy i always believe in not taking bribe n not giving also but i faced many problems for that sir.i never used toget my salary at the right time but still i never entertained that.they have terminatedme for no reason problem i was the favourate doctor of patients but not a favorite of administrators as i was always objecting the way they were working.i also strongly believe in the power of aam admi. i too want to sewrve the people sir. i wanted a neta like you i was waiting for for the neta like you sir i want to join your party n serve the people.

  • sunil kumar

    sir plz contact me +919463721939

  • priti sisodia

    Mr.Kejriwal…Heartiest congratulations for becoming youngest Chief Minister. what all u said 7 months back was totally true…u r an inspiration for youngsters..u proved that one can achieve his target if that person is fully,totally and wholly dedicated to his dream…

    I saw a movie years back called Nayak, acted by Mr.Anil Kapoor..I was totally impressed by that movie and was wishing if one could come in front in prove this in reality… and though preachers time has gone …nd good time has begun..U landed up as a real NAYAK..

    Totally impressed with the denial of beacons..home..

    U r absolutely an AAM AADMI.I wish if you could bring your party to other states too..

    Hats off to you Sir..

    Would like to meet you once as a AAM AADMI.



  • Ravi Yadav

    Respected sir,
    FIRSTLY congratulation,you have won the winnning this election, you have changed the mindset of many people in the country as well as mine. Now i can believe that Indian is still a demoratic country where on one can rule.before this , I always thougth that our country would be going to be again slaved by these political leader which always thougth about their benefit. due to this our young generation also thinks that , if you would follow their path then you would be successful man but you prove it wrong, i.e its take time to become successful
    through rigth way but if your intention is good , no one can stop from you rising , And you are the example in front of me,
    I am the student ,rigth now i am the preparing for the job but i promised you that whenever i got the time i would be going to engage in the developement of the people ,Going to report you whosoever doing wrong thing in the society. I am the follower of yours .
    your sincerely

  • Karan Sharma

    Vande maatram , Arvind today i attended the party meeting held in jaipur near by Narayan Singh circle at Dr. Radha Vallabh Garden. There i seen that no issues and aims were raised only the hired professionals like poets , artists from different fields giving their own views with a dramatic speech & just for getting claps using your name again & again. I was too much upset becoz with a zeal i came their from Bharatpur district to see the party agenda & movement after your successful “oath assumption” in delhi , but here in rajasthan i dnt why You have given responsibility to such persons those are already working for CONGRESS & BJP (directly or indirectly). Condition became intolerable when i decide to leave meeting( Obviously that was not a meeting) and came outside a person who was a worker of congress since 15 yrs; he noted my name & contact number and told me that i want to for “AAP” and in seek of “Election Ticket ” from jaipur from “AAP”. I was surprised to hear that people just want their fulfill mean. I am trying to contact you. Pls contact me on this number +91-98879-76528. or email- Hope u will notify this issue becoz i believe that its a AAM AADMI PARTY not only arvind kejriwal party….. waiting

  • Swapratim Roy

    Respected Mr. Arvind Kejriwal (Mr. Chief Minister of Delhi),

    From even before the formation of Aam Aadmi Party, I’ve been a huge fan of yours.

    First of all, a salute to Aam Aadmi Party and to you and a hearty congratulation to you on being the youngest chief minister of Delhi.

    We are having our breaths held altogether and waiting for the rise of a hero like you to step out our country as the most powerful democratic nation within globe.

    And a very big congratulation on your decision to contest all 26 Lok Sabha seats from Gujarat.

    I’d like to share a few dreams with you:

    1. I’d like to see a person like you as our future Prime Minister. If so, please ensure that any person contesting in election from any corner of India should have a minimum

    educational qualification and a corruption less background. No other alteration will be eligible for nomination.

    2. Please take an appropriate proactive step to implement timely resolution of pending cases in courts throughout India. The problem of heavily trafficked pending cases in higher courts can be resolved either by extending their capacity or by extending their numbers (in lower court sections) .

    Rest of your agendas are quite my dream come true decisions.. 🙂

    I am from Kolkata and I do not have any contact person of Aam Aadmi Party.

    I am eager to follow you and join your party to server my fellow countrymen in a proper democratic way.

    My Curriculum Vitae:

    Personal Information:
    Name: Swapratim Roy
    Location: Kolkata
    phone: +91-9433464585

    Educational Background:
    B.Sc from Presidency College (Calcutta University) (1st class)
    M.Sc from Calcutta University (1st class 6th)

    Professional Information:
    Working as a Software Engineer in Tata Consultancy Service Limited

    It’ll be my honor to join a brigade of new India to get rid of corruption from India where everyone will rejoice their constitutional rights without any fear.
    Looking forward.

    Swapratim Roy

  • Shyamsunder Goyal kurha MS

    Arvindaji aapko CM banane ke liye bahot bahot badhai ho

  • Nazeer Ahmad Ansari

    Dear Kejriwal,

    Heartily congratulation on taking over as CM Delhi Government.

    I am a 75 year old retired civil engineer; wishing you that May Allah help you in fulfilling your promises.

    This is a very difficult job. Corruption is prevailing all around. It is just like CANCER of society. Reforming corruption free society is the need of the hour. Almost uncountable hurdles will come in your way ahead. But I am sure that your FIRM INTENSION and DETERMINATION will help you to overcome upon them all.

    May ALLAH help you.

    Your attention towards deprived and neglected section of society shall be most welcomed and well appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Er. Nazeer Ahmad Ansari
    Retd. Gaztd. Officer UP Irrigation

    Permanent Address – Molviyan, Nehtaur, Bijnour, UP (India)

    Current Address – 61 Turfpits Lane, Erdington, Birmingham (UK)

    Email :
    0091-9837973664 (India)
    0044-1212581636 (UK)

  • Baljinder Singh Sandhu

    Hello sir,
    Firstly i want to congrates you to become the CM of Capital and ur party members for their unbeleiveable victory . The people of India hats of uu for this kind of work .After the victory of AAP many people learn a lesson that we will change India from developing to developed.
    Sir ,i’m a student of Post Graduation at Panjab University and i belongs from Punjab . I inspired from u , so i also want to join politics from your party AAP . Because the people of Panjab also fed up from Akalis and Congress . I want to take a change and become a good social worker as well as your party worker . Sir please hold the meetings in Punjab and please inform me i want to listen you . Its a humble request please contact me on my no . 94789-00076 , 94171-00676 or Email-

  • Jose

    Dear Chief of the AAP

    Congratulations on your all thrilling achievements till date.. I felt so happy when you took Oath of Office on 28th Dec 2013. I could watch the same live from NZ and am sure the Indians all over the world find a new hope in you and in your AAP. May God bless you and your colleagues to change our country from corruption and help you deliver all your promises.. Please seek TN Sheshan sir’s participation too to strengthen your ideologies and implement the dreams fast. Best of luck



  • vikram nagar

    I think the first work of AAP in Delhi should be to catch some of the
    biggest corrupt that alone could do other work in itself as once these
    corrupt would be caught and booked others would fear your governance and
    would start working honestly that in sequence can solve most of our
    problems as electricity, water, law and order. Look around every
    department you would find is infected with corruption. Sir how to contact you through mail my mail id is

  • Shivji Chaurasia

    Dear Sir, First of all Congrats ! I am writing this in a hope that you will read it by taking time from your busy schedule. I have one thought for your party internal operation. If i see the history of political parties in India as well as abroad they were initially born with the intention to benefit the common people but with the passage of time corruption has deep rooted in those parties due to lake of proper anti corruption system in the party.

    I feel there should be internal vigilance committee, members of which should be strictly prohibited from active politics and their primary roles and responsibility should be to monitor all the active party members like (CBI). There should reward and recognition for topmost honest members in the party to create competitiveness in positive direction.

    Above is brief thought of mine if you want I can work on details on It.

    Thanking you, Yours Common Man.

  • Sagar Gyanshankar

    Dear Sir,
    I am Sagar Gyanshankar from Mumbai. I am from the technology field and I believe appropriate use of technology can do wonders. Starting from maintaining a proper log of public grievances to reaching out to the public for their opinion. I can offer a lot of help to plan the way technology can be used for propagation of AAP’s ideologies and objectives. I’m not sure if this message would reach you. Kindly contact me on +91 9930110330 or

  • disqus_oaXZCRti0E

    because of ur optimistic behaviour n faith in god, u won the battle.first time in my life I am happy that a positive person is going to make govt.
    I guarantee that u will succeed in all your deeds n actions.
    All good people of india are with you always.dont fear and go ahead.
    I am working in alternative medicine field and I hope our ancient system of medicine will go further bcoz u understand its value.
    god bless you

  • Ashok Mittal

    Dear Mr Kejriwal CM and Mr Manish (Minister, Higher Education),

    is very disheartening to bring to your notice that the availability of
    teachers in the govt engineering colleges is of great concern. Teachers
    in the Govt engineering colleges are either busy in coaching centers or
    taking classes in other pvt. engg colleges and minting money. This is
    the reason why standard of teaching in DCE/NSIT/IGIT/AIT/GBPEC/CHBPGEC
    is going down day by day.

    The faculty
    members of Govt. Engineering Colleges are taking classes and the corresponding
    remuneration from other sources which is unethical and wrong practice. It
    is very dis-heartening and embracing to bring the issue in your
    notice. There is no provision for the recording of attendance or presence of the teachers in the colleges.
    Your urgent attention is requested,
    with highest regards

    Ashok Mittal, a concerned citizen.

  • Ashok Mittal

    Dear Mr Kejriwal CM and Mr Manish (Minister, Higher Education),

    I am a technocrat turned academician, I had spent 25 years with following experience with several milestones and national awards on my credit
    5 years IITD, 8.5 years DRDO, 9 years Bharat Electronics BEL and since last 4 yrs AIT Govt of NCT of Delhi as Professor appointed through UPSC,
    I came to academics with a wish to contribute to the society for what ever I have gathered in last so many years but getting disgusted by the atmosphere and the wrongful environment.

    Hoping for a close and honest association for the improvement of the system.

    With highest regards

    Prof. Ashok Mittal, 09868176603

  • Dr. Juri Baruah

    Man of the year 2013

  • Jayaseelan S

    Dear Sir,
    Congratulations. My Best Wishes & Happy New Year for you and your team members.
    Kindly allow me to express my doubts regarding the news of the meeting between Shri Prashant Bhushanji and Shri Udhaya Kumarji and your earlier visit to that place.
    I wonder and I do agree that the Atomic Power may be danger to the people. But with out finding and implementing the alternate resource of Power we should not misguide the people.
    Thanking You Sir,
    Jayaseelan S
    e mail

  • Chiranjib Ghosh

    Dear Sir, Happy New Year 2014 to you and your family.
    Sir first I congratulate for your successful movement and your
    action against removing corruption from Indian Politics and Government

    We all as an Indian were waiting for long time (after Mr.
    Subhash Chadra Bose our proud leader) for such a motivation and positive
    actions. I also congratulate Mr. Annaji for his revolutionary movements in this
    context. We all proud for ANNA-Ji.
    Long live Anna-Ji.

    I personally appreciate you for your dedication and continuous
    effort to solve the problems and provide a clean secretarial government system
    to Indian Aam Admi.

    I request you to be cautious from the Indian political
    manpower (who are very sharp and hold big capacity due to their long carrier
    and post), they will try unitedly in any way to decrease your as well as AAP power
    and movement.

    But we are confident as an Indian that if we united then no
    one can stop us.

    I belong from Kolkata and want to see such clean atmosphere in
    all aspect of our daily life. If AAP is/will expanding your future activity in West Bengal / Kolkata, I will be with your support.

    With best wishes and regards. Chiranjib Ghosh email:


    Respected Mr. Arvind Kejriwal (Mr. Chief Minister of Delhi),

    नव वर्ष का आपको हार्दिक बधाई

  • RNVaishnawa

    Arvind ji aap kam kiye jayo hum aap ke sath he. jese jese kam acha hoga sab bhartiya jud jayenge.Abhi kuch soch rahe he ki aap se jude ya nahi, kuch ki himmat ho gaye he kuch ki nahi hue he dhire dhire sab juud jayege. ssabhi chayate he acha ho par saruaat aap neki bijali company se 28 years se juda hua hu, Certified Energy Auditor,BE( Mech. Engg.),MBA,PhD kar raha hu,koi bhi karya ho to batayiye.

  • kiritmehta

    Dear Sir,Problem of our country is corruption .For that we need 4 page law right to recall and right to reject.AlsoJudicial accountibility bill,Arth kranti reforms bill..For that in Center pure majority govt. necessary.In next loksabha election AAP may do very well in country.But you have no majority in Rajya Sabha.So need 543+250=793 divided by two=397 for pass any bill in joint session.So you need to fight minimum 425 loksabha seat in next lok sabha general

  • kiritmehta

    Hon.Lal Bahadur shashtriji has put ban on home maded product like soap,shampoo,junk food ,tea ,coffee in local market for business.We need to put ban for that primary product for open market.For that your pure majority with 400 seats in loksabha is necessary for that Party has raise candidate more than 400 in next general election-2014.Kirit Mehta-Gujarat-Siddhpur

  • Aviral Jain

    happy to aap going to form govt. all the best !!

  • Aviral Jain

    Hi Arvinid,

    Im Ar. Aviral Jain, From Vidisha Distt. Near of Bhopal .. I’m a Architect earning around 60 to 80 Thousand per month… My Father has working In SATI Engg. College Vidisha I use to participate with my father in social activities while i was in the age of 2-3 years old…I want to full fill his aim in the path of helping people…. Hope i have book with cut of news papers where my father use to do social activities ….. I want to stand from OUR AAP in Madhiya pradesh or Vidisha Madhiya PRADESH Home town VIDISHA M.P.

    Please give me an opportunity to give some hope to the nation that we will change our country..

    Ar. Aviral Jain (Networld Associate)

    • Dileep Kumar

      hii dear sir you are the great hero against corruption so i want to join your party myself My Contact No -9971465117 My Current City Gurgaon And Home Town Agra (UP)And My Mail Id-,

  • kapil sharma

    प्रिय श्री केजरीवाल,
    विश्वास मत जीतने पर बधाई। महोदय, महात्मा बुध ने कहा है, “सत्य के मार्ग पर चलते हुए केवल दो गलतियां ही हो सकती है। एक आखिर तक न जाना और दूसरा शुरुआत ही न करना।” आपने शुरुआत कर दी है और अब आपको आखिर तक चलना पड़ेगा। कांग्रेस, भाजपा और अन्य दल आपकी राह में चाहे जितने भी रोड़े डालें, आप विचलित नहीं होना। आपको उनके किसी भी आरोप पर प्रतिक्रिया करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है। आप बस अपना काम करते जाएं। लोगों की सच्चाई अपने आप सामने आती जाएगी। सोशल मीडिया के इस युग में हर आदमी सब कुछ देख रहा है, समझ रहा है, आपको चिंता करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है। आप अपना काम करते जाएं।
    मेरा नाम कपिल शर्मा है, सरकारी कर्मचारी हूं। आपको बहुत समय से फ़ालो कर रहा हूं। आपके स्वराज के विचार को जन-जन तक पहुंचाना बहुत आवश्यक है। अगर इस कार्य में मैं आपके काम आ सका तो मुझे बहुत प्रसन्नता होगी।
    कपिल शर्मा

  • R_S

    Dear Sir, You are a ray of hope for all of us. I am a female professional who was succumbed to subjugation by my employer even though I was the Operational head of the company.Was forced to do illegal activities by threatening and when I refused, I was terminated without my legitimate dues cleared. There are many like me in Odisha. I want your help to get justice as I want to fight for it. Please give me insight how can I approach you. I have approached the police but they are very lazy and keep on delaying the case. My whole career is at stake and the whole system is so corrupted that we have to run from 1 forum to another. I have also lodged a complaint with Odisha Human Rights commission. I want to join your party as I have the courage to stand by a person who has the courage to Change things for the betterment of humanity and mankind.

  • Preeti Pandey

    Arvind ji badhai ki aapne delhi ko ek acchi sarkar di. lekin mughe aapse ek shikaayat hai, main pichle 1 mahine se aapse contact karna chahti hun , maine aap ko mail bhi kiye , phone bhi kiye , letter bhi likha lakin mughe niraasha hi mili, AAP hi batayee ki agar ek aam insaan ko ek aam insaan se milne ke liye itni pareshaani ho rahi hai toh AAP me or baaki party me kya antar. Mughe lagta hai aapko ek aisi email deni chahiye jispar sabhi apni apni samasya aapko direct mail kar sake or aap khud sabki problem ko solve kar unhe reply karein. Sir darasal jo log niche baithe hote hai sabse jyada wahi apne aapko bahut bada samaghna lagte hai isliye unke bharose toh mat rahna. kai log aise bhi honge jo aam insaan ki baat aap tak pahunchne hi nahi denge. plz mughe time dein.

  • C.S.Kumawat Kumawat

    Aap Kumar Shrivastav ko kahiye ki woh Kapdo ke Under rahe Kapdo se bahar nahi aaye……

  • C.S.Kumawat Kumawat

    Aap Kumar Shrivastav ko kahiye ki woh Kapdo ke Under rahe. Kapdo ko fadke bahar nahi aaye……….

  • Abhishek

    Hello Sir,
    I am Abhishek Sharma from Hisar.
    Last night my Mama ji n maami ji come from Delhi to Hisar, but there is a miss happening done in New Delhi ISBT ‘ Kashmiri Gate’, two bikers were slapt to my Maami ji and theft their ‘purse’ and run.
    But the most shoking thing is that, when they call 100 to police help line. They do not response to come at that place. After 2 hours when they call again and again to 100. Onw PCR will come to see the situation. And if Police come at current time, may be the thefts will be caught, but it is not possible all are corrupt in Delhi Police. Please take an action on this incidence.
    We are supporter of your party and connected with you from the Jan Lokpal Andolan. Please sir do some fever.

    Thank you.

    with hopefulness,
    Abhishek Sharma,
    341/7, Hansi – distt. Hisar (HR).
    Mob.: +91- 8901574447

  • raja a

    I,m deeply inspired by you…you have shown the path of honesty and truthfulness to us.Basically i’m IT person by profession working in UAE. HATS OFF TO YOU SIR! India will be no one country soon……!!! eagerly waiting for that……….. Jai hind!!!

  • Sanjiwan Sinha

    This is regarding Janta Darbar. It is better if Departmentwise Janta Darbar is
    organised.Problems related to one or some Departments may be taken up on
    specific day of the week/month and in periodic manner problems of all the
    people related to various departments are taken up.

    Further, there should be scanned copy of theapplications uploaded on the website
    of the concerned Department so that a record of the same is preserved and common
    people is aware of the the nature of problems already registered and they do not repeat the same.
    Response/Result against each application should also be placed over the website. This will
    ensure uniformity and transparency in decision making and infuse confidene in
    the common people.

  • Arun Sawhney

    While it is very important to undertake various initiatives to generate various employment opportunities and encourage the unemployed to earn a living through hard work, it is equally important to create the right environment for such initiatives.

    Adding additional Auto Rickshaws and Electric Rickshaws is one such area that needs your immediate attention and direction. You have very correctly announced your decision to add additional auto rickshaws and electric rickshaws, however if their operational rules and regulations are not updated and monitored very strictly then it will be a waste of time to have initiated this idea and may prove counterproductive.

    As it is, the traffic situation on the capital’s roads is appalling. It would not be incorrect to state that there is no traffic rule or rather Traffic Law on the roads. To get things in order and to create a conducive environment, favourable enough to add additional number of autos and electric rickshaws to the existing public transport system, we need to do the following almost as an emergency

    1. Impart wide-spread training to the existing drivers of Autos and Electric Rickshaws. Random surprise checks should be conducted on regular basis by volunteers to ascertain that the training imparted to them is being implemented in practice.
    a. Driving Training
    b. Maintenance Training
    c. Driving habits and attitude
    d. Strict dress code
    e. Traffic discipline
    f. Behaviour and customer relations
    g. Social responsibilities

    2.Each vehicle should exhibit
    a. Driver Picture and his phone number
    b. Licence Number
    c. Phone number for any grievance
    d. Phone number for emergency
    e. Police Control Number

    3. Vehicle Fitness tests to be defined, implemented and strictly followed.

    4. Define their domains of operation; routes and areas of operation for each of them.

    5. Designate a lane for them to operate in; usually the outer most lane

    6. Implement strict traffic rules
    a. Lane driving – not as they currently follow; driving with the front wheel on the lane dividing line.
    b. Lane driving – in their designated lanes; not in the first lane which is for speeding traffic.
    c. Over taking policy
    d. Speed limits to be defined, implemented and monitored.
    e. Parking limitations; designate parking areas and stands
    f. Traffic light rules should be strictly implemented.
    g. Stop line rule at traffic lights must be adhered to

    7. All Autos and Electric rickshaws should be colour coded (area wise) so that they can be identified easily in case of cross area travels.

    8. Fares should be defined and travel by meter should be strictly monitored.

    9. Mobile traffic squads should monitor these vehicles between 7am to 12 midnight. No rebate on chalans should be granted. Strict discipline should be enforced.

    If this is not done, then sooner or later, the enhanced traffic frustrations will antagonize the general public and this will create dissatisfaction and leave a bad taste. Your good intentions and efforts will all go waste. So let’s first bring in a bit of discipline before we give liberties of additional Autos and Electric Rickshaws.

    The same must be done for Busses and other forms of public transport. Private vehicles must be dealt with strictly and several methods should be devised to ensure their disciplined operation.

    Use the youth power to achieve this task. Get the youth to volunteer as Traffic Monitors and pay them a stipend. All they need is a Still cum Video Camera to click pictures of traffic violations and convert them into chalans with evidence.

    The revenue regenerated from chalans from Traffic Violations will certainly be more than enough to fund the various measures urgently required to discipline the Delhi Traffic.

  • Vivek Gandhi, Chennai

    Jan 17,2014

    Lok Sabha Elections 2014 :

    AAP’s Rules of Engagement:

    Cloning of AAP acts:

    Are the Congress and BJP heading towards entrapment?

    By Vivek Gandhi

    Will the AAP’s rules of engagement and its skill in making
    phased ‘announcing’ of new rules be pushing the national parties to the end of
    their wits in this Parliamentary Elections ? Will the cloning of AAP acts by
    Rajes, Hoodas and Rahuls be likely to ensnare and lure them into serious
    troubles in the eventfully intense weeks ahead? With few weeks left before the
    General Elections, will AAP be playing hitherto hidden ‘trump cards’, people
    centric acts which might be difficult to emulate by these parties?

    Although both Congress and BJP are overtly singing praises
    and doing copycat of AAP acts, be it in governance or electoral methodology,
    pundits in respective camps have already warned them that their desperate
    attempts to clone AAP acts may land them in tricky entrapment in the crucial
    coming weeks.

    The fact, that in the
    next few weeks, AAP will be rolling out their new wave of economic or
    governance related plans, is expected to raise the bar on standards on these
    parties if they really intend to put aam aadmi ahead of their political
    ambitions and or political survival. It must be noted that already in addition
    to bijjli copycat , the weak efforts to copy certain AAP acts particularly in
    the areas of candidates selection, transparency in fund raising have already
    exposed systemic woes of these seemingly repentant parties.

    No matter how politically correct
    the copycat acts of big old parties may be, one thing has become clear that the
    ruse and lure of AAP pre election rules of engagement will need next-generation
    concepts and tools to outclass any impending entrapment.

    of this article is a Chennai based social advocacy consultant and researcher on
    social policy.

  • P K Tripathy

    An ex-police officer, left the job due to fighting with corruption in higher layer of police administration and also a bachelor and turned to be astro-spiritual healer and located at Puri Jagannath and carrying out extensive spiritual tour in different part of india and rendering astro-spirtitual solutions to different part of world,in unexposed.manner. Wd like to talk to you personally in regard to removing some crux in your movement, can I get your personal phone number and free time to talk to you through my email id.

  • Guest

    silute sir

  • shafi

    Fantastic ! This is called justice ! …..Salute you again Mr Kejrival

  • deepashu

    I need ur mail id to share perfect plan to fight same

  • arun


    I learned the crude refining in schooling and forgot about that until recently going through the net if this is true then why the petrol will cost more? I even asked the people who is working in refinaries was not able to give an answer

    The crude oil refine and the products we get in percentage wise is
    47% gasoline / petrol
    23% heating oil/ diesel fuel
    18% .petrochemical feedstock—products derived from petroleum principally for the manufacturing of chemicals, synthetic rubber and plastics
    10% jet fuel (kerosene)
    4% propane (gas)
    3% asphalt (tar)
    the total is larger than 100% because of processing gain in volume. This is about a 5% gain.
    The sale of petrol in India is 1351Million Tons and Diesel is 5862Million Tons(Y2011) to make this much Diesel 333% of petrol to be refined and made The extra production of petrol where the oil companies are selling if there is no market in India? Or are they exporting the petrol below production cost ,Are they oil companies are burning the extra production of petrol for energy needs?
    Please think and find any thing to save all
    source of data internet

  • subhash sharma

    Arvind ji,
    I am very-2 creating problem of WATER in Sangam Vihar Your AAP MLA Mr. Dinesh Mohania has elected in last Assembly election &
    now He has taken 4 Crore Fund for Development of area Please do it in first preority.
    Subhash Sharma

  • hatepolitician

    want to check if AAP has blocked me here also.. Anyway lets revive the comments…. We both fight for corruption less nation.. My fight is with fellow Indians who has made the whole society corrupt while your fight is with politicians (elected by corrupt).. The day each Indian start thinking not to break any law.. That day corruption will go away. Jai Hind..

    • hatepolitician

      Good to know here I can comment.
      For me even the person breaking traffic light, student bunking lectures (in govt. aided colleges) and people misusing power is corruption. Even the person breaking the line infront of temple is a corruption.. The day we understand this, this nation will be corruption free. Till then no law can prevent Corruption… Jai Hind..


    sir iam living in radha vihar mandoli near prem nagar chowk 110093 my
    contact no 9999736397,9717546573 i am volunter in aap this issue is
    very critical issue 20.000 more than injured people yaha par plastic ki
    panni jalai jati hai bhatio me taar rasayan beer can ccoper sir
    mahool aisa hai ki mano kohra sa cha gaya ho sir hamare jindagi aap ke
    hath me hai aap chao to bacha sakte ho hum sab logo ko pidit hone se
    hum aap ke sath court tak jai hind jai bharat bharat mata ki jai

  • Hemang

    Dear Mr.Kejriwal Pl.remove my Mobile No.from your BLOG, Why you Put my Mobile no. in your Blog,i fed with this In a singal day i receive lot of call in your name,Pl.remove my Mobile no.from your Blog




  • Ajay Gupta

    यहां (ADARSH NAGAR )से पिछली बार विधान सभा का चुनाव जगदीप राणा ने लड़ा था और करीब
    दस हज़ार वोट से पीछे रहते हुए दूसरे नंबर रहे थे! यह सीट परंपरागत तौर पर कांग्रेस
    का गढ़ मन जाता रहा है! श्री मंगत राम सिंघल हमेशा से जीतते रहे हैं! और ये साहब पैसे
    के बल पर जीतते रहे हैं! लेकिन पिछली बार बी जे पी के उम्मीदवार श्री राम किशन सिंघल
    जो कि शालीमार बाग से पार्षद व् उत्तरी दिल्ली एम सी डी के चेयरमैन भी थे, ने उनकी
    उम्मीदवारी घोषित होते ही दस दिनों के भीतर ही क्षेत्र में बहुत से कार्य कर डाले थे
    क्योंकि एम सी डी चेयरमैन होते हुए उनके पास सैंकड़ों करोड़ के फंड्स थे ही! जैसे शाह
    आलम बाँध रोड डेढ़ किलोमीटर लम्बी व ६० फुट चौड़ी दो ही दिन में बनवा दी जोकि पिछले ३०
    सालों से नहीं ही बनी थी! इसी प्रकार इंद्रा नगर में भी खराब सड़क आदर्श नगर तक की सड़क
    एक ही दिन में बनवा दी! आदर्श नगर पार्क में पांच बैंच की डिमांड के बदले इन्होने बीस
    बैंच भिजवा दिए थे! मजलिस पार्क के पीछे की सड़क बन ही रही थी! उसे इन्होंने जोर लगा
    कर पटरी सहित चार पांच दिनों में बनवा दिया! इस प्रकार इन्होंने यह जतला दिया था कि
    ये बहुत तेजी से काम करने में सक्षम हैं! और इस प्रकार विधान सभा का चुनाव आसानी से
    जीत भी लिया! दूसरे पिछली बार आदर्श नगर विधान सभा का चुनाव प्रत्याशी घोषित करने में
    काफी देरी भी हुई थी! शायद बीस पच्चीस दिन ही मिले थे प्रचार के लिए!

    अब हम आज की परिस्थितियों की चर्चा करें तो आज यह स्थिति बनी हुई है
    कि एक अनार सौ बीमार ! यहां पर विमैन डायलॉग वाले दिन तक बहुत अच्छा प्रचार चल रहा
    था! हर वार्ड व गली में बहुत अच्छा माहौल “आप” पार्टी के पक्ष में चल रहा
    था! लेकिन इसी दिन से श्री नवनीत तिवारी व् श्री राजीव बंसल ने ऐसी गुटबाजी शुरूkar
    दी कि आज यहां से दस बारह व्यक्तियों की आकांक्षाएं जन्म ले चुकी हैं! आरोप प्रत्यारोप
    एक दूसरे के खिलाफ चालू हो गए! श्री राजीव बंसल ने सभी को उम्मीदवार बना दिया और सभी
    को हिदायत दी कि एक दुसरे से बात न करें! अब यहां गुटबाजी शुरू हो चुकी है! जो बहुत
    गलत हो रहा है! आज की तारीख में नवनीत तिवारी, राजीव बंसल, बीना जी, सुरेश बंसल, जगदीप
    राणा, विपिन चौहान, गुरमीत सिंह दुग्गल और न जाने कौन कौन उम्मीदवारी जाता रहे हैं!

    यहाँ यह उल्लेखनीय है कि श्री राजीव बंसल पिछले चुनाव तक कांग्रेस के
    बूथों पर कांग्रेस के लिए कार्य करते रहे हैं! यही हाल सुरेश बंसल जी का है! आज भी
    अगर ये लोग कांग्रेस के श्री मंगत राम सिंघल के सामने पड़ जाए तो छिपने की कोशिश करते
    हैं कि कहीं उन्हें यह न पता चल जाए कि ये लोग “आप” पार्टी के लिए इतनी सघनता
    से लगे हुए हैं! एक और आकांक्षी श्री सत्य नारायण शर्मा भी हैं इन साहब ने पिछली बार
    टिकट न मिलने पर अपने दफ्तर के बहार से “आप” पार्टी का बोर्ड उठा कर फेंक
    दिया था और बी जे पी के लिए काम किया था और अब फिर से टिकट की लाईन में खड़े नजर आ रहे
    हैं! कमाल का दोहरा चरित्र लिए घूम रहे हैं ये सभी लोग!

    श्री राजीव बंसल जिन सहयोगियों को तोड़ सकते थे उन्हें तो बहका लिया
    और जो लोग नहीं टूट सकते हैं उन पर अनर्गल आरोप लगा कर बदनाम कर रहे हैं! अभी कल ही
    एक महिला सहयोगी के साथ इतना अभद्र व्यवहार किया कि थाने तक व् अरविन्द जी व आशुतोषजी,
    दुर्गेश जी व दिलीप जी तक भी बात पहुंची! इस महिला के साथ छ: माह पहले भी राजीव जी
    ने अभद्रता की थी और कल फिर इनके साथ इनका पीछा करके इनके साथ छेड़छाड़ कर दी और बात
    पुलिस थाने तक पहुंची! छ: माह पहले भी लोगों ने राजीव जी को बैठा कर समझाया था और सुलह
    करवा दी थी! लेकिन इस प्रकार पुनरावृत्ति तो गलत बात है जी !

    अब अगर यह सीट जीतनी है तो सबसे अच्छा विकल्प है कि श्री आशुतोष जी
    को इस विधान सभा से प्रत्याशी के रूप में उतरा जाये! इससे फायदा यह होगा कि सभी गुट
    एक साथ आ जायेंगें! अब एक एक आकांक्षी के बारे में निष्पक्ष आकलन करते हैं!

    सबसे पहले श्री राजीव बंसल को लेते हैं! यह साहब पुराने कोंग्रेसी हैं
    और श्री मंगत राम सिंघल के लिए काम करता रहे हैं! मुझे लगता है अनर्गल आरोप लगाना इनका
    शौक है! और उसे अपने फायदे के लिए इस्तेमाल करना भी इन्हें खूब आता है! किसी समय पर
    पलटी मार सकते हैं! सुनने में यह भी आया है कि धीर पर की हमारी पार्टी के सहयोगियों
    की लिस्ट श्री मंगत राम जी को इन्होने मुहैय्या करवा दी है! और मंगत राम जी ने धीर
    पर में ढाई लाख रुपये प्रति बूथ की पेशकश भी कर दी है!

    इनका नाम टोटल टी वी ने संभावित प्रत्याशी के तौर पर दस तारीख को दिखाया
    था! और तभी इनके हौंसले इतने बुलंद हो गए कि एक महिला सहयोगी को जाकर कह दिया कि वह
    इनके साथ अगर सैट हो जाए तो उसकी जिंदगी बना देंगे! और बात थाने तक जा पहुंची!

    दूसरे श्री सुरेश बंसल जी !:- इन्हें जगदीप राणा ने हाल ही में
    “आप” ज्वाइन करवाए है व आदर्श नगर व्यापार प्रकोष्ठ का अध्यक्ष पद पर मनोनीत
    किया! यह भी पुराने कोंग्रेसी हैं और आज भी अगर कहीं मंगत राम जी का सामना हो जाये
    तो इनकी आँखे ही बंद हो जाती हैं और छिपने की जगह ढूंढते हैं! अचानक दो माह में ही
    इनकी चुनाव लड़ने की इच्छा इतनी बलवती हो गयी कि इन्होने अपने नाम के बोर्ड बनवाए और
    लगवा दिए ! साथ ही बीस हजार रुपये का “डिनर विद श्री केजरीवाल” में भी गए!
    और बस दावेदार बन गए!

    तीसरे लेते हैं श्री सत्य नारायण शर्मा जी को:- पिछली बार २०१३ में
    ये साहब शार्ट लिस्टिड थे लेकिन अंतिम समय में जब इन्हें टिकिट नहीं मिली तब इन्होने
    अपने ऑफिस से “आप” का बोर्ड उतार कर फेंक दिया था और प्रचार किया कि
    “आप” पार्टी पैसे के पीछे भाग रही है! बी जे पी के लिए इन्होंने काम किया
    और अब फिर से चुनाव के दावे दार बन गए हैं! अभी इन्होने अपने कुछ रिश्तेदारों व पड़ौसियों
    को इकठ्ठा कर डिस्ट्रिक्ट इंचार्ज श्री विजय चौहान जी को बुलाया और सिर्फ इतना विरोध
    जताया कि अगर जगदीप राणा को चुनाव में उतार गया तो ये लोग काम नहीं करेंगें! विरोध
    टिकिट प्राप्त करने के लिए था!

    चौथे श्री नवनीत तिवारी:- पिछली बार भी ये शार्ट लिस्टिड थे! और बी
    जे पी दफ्तर के बहार हंगामे में उनका सर फूटा था! किराए के मकान में रामेश्वर नगर में
    रहते हैं! मकान मालिक डबल मर्डर का आरोपी है औए स्वयं को पागल घोषित करवा कर बचा हुआ
    है! उसीकी शह पर नवनीत जी चलते हैं! कभी भी एरिया में कहीं निकले नहीं हैं! लेकिन सर
    फूटने की एवज में व पिछली उम्मीदवारी के एवज में टिकिट के दावेदार हैं! और पूरा रायता
    फैलाने के पूरे जिम्मेवार भी हैं! इनका मकान मालिक ने घोषणा की है कि राणा को चुनाव
    लड़ने नहीं देगा अगर लड़ गया तो जीतने नहीं देगा और जीत गया तो गोली मार देगा! आदि आदि!

    पांचवें श्री गुरमीत दुग्गल: गुरमीत जी असल में तो वसंत विहार रहते
    हैं! वोट उनका पुराने से मजलिस पार्क से ही है! और यहां इनका ऑफिस कम रैज़ीडैंस है!
    बमुश्किल दस आदमी भी इकठ्ठा नहीं कर सकते लेकिन न मालूम किस पिनक में दावेदारी जाता
    रहे हैं! ऊपर से कोई पहुँच बना कर कहीं से ऑब्ज़र्वर बने हुए हैं! पीछे इन्हीने आम आदमी
    पार्टी मोहल्ला सभा अपने आप से बना कर मीटिंग बुलाई थी और विर्रोध के कारण बस एक ही
    मीटिंग के बाद इनकी मोहल्ला सभा की इति श्री हो गयी थी!

    छठे श्री विपिन चैहान जी: पेशे से प्रोफेसर हैं! पिछली बार श्री प्रोफेसर
    आनंद साहब के कहने पर भी मैदान में नहीं उतरे बस इसी बात का अफ़सोस लेकर इस बार चुनाव
    मैदान में उतरना चाहते हैं! लोक सभा चुनावों में काम को अटकाते ज्यादा थे! उदहारण के
    तौर पर सुबह सात बजे वोटर से मिलने नहीं जाना क्योंकि अभी तो सब सो रहे होंगें! आठ
    बजे नहीं जाना क्योंकि सब ऑफिस के लिए तैयार हो रहे होंगें कोई बहार नहीं निकलेगा!
    शाम छ: बजे कोई आया होगा कोई नहीं आया होगा! सात बजे अभी तो लोग आये ही हिन्ज! आठ बजे
    से नौ बजे खाने का समय होगा! और अब तो सबके सोने का टाइम होगा! आदि आदि !

    सातवीं श्री मति बीनाजी: जगदीप राणा ने इन्हें भी जोड़ा था! आदर्श नगर
    विधान सभा महिला विंग का अद्यक्ष बनाया था! लेकिन अब नवनीत तिवारी जी व राजीव बंसल
    जी के कहे अनुसार चल रहीं हैं शायद! लेकिन फिर भी थोड़ा संयमित ही आचार व्यवहार है!

    इस क्षेत्र में पिछले एक साल में अगर जमीनी स्तर पर किसी ने कोई काम
    किया है तो सिर्फ जगदीप राणा ने ही कार्य किया है! पार्टी का कोई भी निर्देश आता है
    उसे पूरी सजगता से क्षेत्र में लागू कर डालते हैं! ई रिक्शा रैली आदर्श नगर में पूर्णत:
    सफल रही थी! तिरतालिस हजार या इक्यावन हजार विजिटिंग कार्ड्स बनवा कर पूरे क्षेत्र
    में बंटवाए थे जैसाकि अरविन्द जी का आदेश आया था! बीस सवालों का परचा १२००० छपवा कर
    पूरे क्षेत्र में बंटवा चुके हैं! पोल पोस्टर कई बार चिपकवा चुके हैं! २५० के करीब
    होर्डिंग्स लगवाये हैं! कैंडल मार्च भी बहुत सफलता के साथ निकला गया था!

    अब क्योंकि फुट जैसी स्थिति बन रही है यहां या तो श्री आशुतोष जी को
    यहां से चुनाव लड़वाया जाता है तो किसी की भी विरोध करने की हिम्मत नहीं होगी या फिर
    जगदीप राणा ही ठीक है! बाकी के सब तो बरसाती मेंढक की तरह अचानक ही टर्राने लगे हैं!
    जगदीप की अगर प्रोफाइल तैयार की जाये तो उसके हक़ में बहुत से कार्य और लगातार उसके
    हक़ में जाते हैं! जैसेकि रेहड़ी पटरी की घूस के खिलाफ प्रदर्शन किया और ४०० के लगभग
    रेहड़ियां व रिक्शा छुड़वाए!

    ई रिक्शा के घूस के खिलाफ प्रदर्शन में जेल भरो आंदोलन भी किया!

    ई रिक्शा संघ भी इसने बना रखा है और एक हजार से ज्यादा सदस्य बनाये

    जंतर मंतर पर भी रैलयों में बसें भर कर यही व्यक्ति भेजता रहा है!

    ब्लड डोनेशन कैम्प १६ अगस्त को इसने लगवाया था!

    आदर्श नगर विधान सभा में १५ अगस्त को तीन तीन जगह ध्वजारोहण इसने करवाया

    लोक सभा चुनावों में भी बूथ प्रबंधन का कार्य काफी बढ़िया तरीके से इसी
    ने करवाया !

    आज इसी लिए हर वार्ड और हर बूथ पर बूथ प्रभारी भी इसी ने बनवाए हैं!

    विधान सभा के मुकाबले लोक सभा में आदर्श नगर विधान सभा में “आप”
    ने ४००० वोट प्लस किये थे मोदी लहर होने के बावजूद!

    सराय व भडौला में राशन दुकानदारों के खिलाफ मोर्चा खोला व गरीब लोगों
    को पूरा राशन दिलवाया!

    नए राशन कार्ड्स बनवाए!

    तो मेरा कहना ये है कि जब सारे साल तक तो एक व्यक्ति अपनी विधान सभा
    में मेहनत से काम करता है और चुनाव के समय अन्य व्यक्ति ऊपर पहुँच बना कर व् मेहनती
    आदमी को बदनाम कर टिकट चुराने की कोशिश करे तो बुरा तो लगेगा ही उस व्यक्ति को जिसने
    पुरे साल मेहनत की!

    इस व्यक्ति ने जितना भी काम किया वह सब पार्टी के खाते में ही तो जाता

    राजीव बंसल ने क्या क्या किया?

    नवनीत तिवारी ने क्या क्या किया?

    सत्य नारायण शर्मा कितनी बार विधान सभा में निकला कामों के लिए?

    गुरमीत दुग्गल को कितने लोग जानते हैं?

    विपिन चौहान के खाते में प्रोफ़ेसर होने के अलावा क्या जाता है?

    बिना जी को भडौला के बहार कौन जानता है?

    इन लोगों से अगर आदर्श नगर विधान सभा के बूथों के बारे में भी जानकारी
    मांग ली जाए तो बगलें झाँकने लगेंगे!

    इनसे पूछिये तो सही पिछले एक साल की इनकी क्या क्या एक्टिविटी रहीं
    हैं पार्टी के हित में?

    जिसने सबसे ज्यादा काम किया हो या तो टिकट उसे दे दो या फिर किसी हैवी
    वेट चैम्पियन को जो की चुनाव जीतने की कूवत रखता हो!

    मेरी निष्पक्ष राय है कि अगर
    श्री आशतोष जी को यहाँ से चुनाव लड़वाया जाता है सबसे बढ़िया!

    वर्ना अगला चयन तो फिर जगदीप राणा का ही बनता है!

    सबसे बढ़िया है कि सभी आकांक्षियों से प्रोफाइल मांग ली जाये हो सकता है कि हमारी
    या आपकी नज़रों से कुछ ओझल हो रहा हो! बस इतना ही!


  • neha

    hii dear sir you are the great hero against corruption so i want to join your party myself neha from delhi and i want to join your party
    plz contact me my current phone no-9210163871

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    Congratulation Honb,le Chief Minister……..Delhi………….Sj. Arvind Kejeriwal……………………….Jyotirmaya Dash……………9040010844

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  • Sardar Khan

    Arvindji aapne Intern kahaan ki thi 3rd year ke baad???

  • Ashok Saini

    Namskaar Arvind Ji ,Congratulation with Victory Election….I m Ashok Kumar Saini From Th. Udaipurwati Dist. Jhunjhunu (Raj)

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    hii dear sir you are the great hero against corruption so i want to join AAM AADMI PARTY ( AJAY KUMAR NEW DELHI DWARKA ) and i want to join AAM AADMI PARTY happy to hear that aap if going to form govt. all the best


  • Hemang Joshi

    Respected CM (Delhi) Mr.Arvind Kejriwalji
    First congratulation for your tremendous victory best of luck,Sir In your blog,you or some one put my Mobile to your Blog,every day 40 to 50 mobile call i your name Public want to talk with you only…..Sir,now i am fedup with this,So,take matter as seriously and remove my mobile early as possible…

  • Hemang Joshi

    Sir,i am also AAP (Register AAP membar)

  • rajeev batra

    Sir … your MLA Shiv Charan Goyal needs a check…

  • pawan sharma

    pawan sharma

  • purnalakshmi

    respected sir,pls help me outmy contact no mail
    Please help us to arrest theese people who are harrassing me for long time.

  • Gunveen Singh

    i am gunveen singh from patiala. If given a chance i will serve the punjab free of cost. hats off to A.K..

  • Santosh Kumar Mishra

    Dear Arvind Ji,
    Your Government is now formed and all sworn in ceremony is over. Why don’t you take the initiative of giving all your minister’s (including your’s) email id’s in Delhi Government website. It is very much necessary in combating corruption and speedier disposal of issues concerning good and transparent governance. In foreign countries this transparency is quite prevalent. I hope you are quite aware of foreign goings of politics and real life..

  • Laxmanleecosto

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  • Sunil Sharma

    What is my mistake, why DJB people are harassing me day and night.
    There was a commercial water connection at my home. I requested MNWS to convert the category of connection from commercial to domestic. They denied it saying “not possible”.
    Hence I requested to disconnect the connection and completed all the formalities and paid the final Bill No.559101788404 on 18/02/2015 (due date) Rs. 4303/-. MNWS officials said connection will be disconnected with in 48 hours. One can check I have paid all the dues.
    Today they have generated another Regular water bill for Rs. 1461/- vide Bill No. 559100635462.
    My house is locked for last 4 months and there is not even single drop of water consumption, you can check this from neighbours. I AM PASSING THRU A SEVER FINANCIAL CRUNCH AND I AM NOT IN POSITION TO THROW FREE MONEY ANY MORE. I AM A HONEST AND LAW ABIDING CITIZEN AND PLEASE DO NOT HURT MY SENTIMENTS, IT MAY BE WORST FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.
    I am failed to understand what is my crime, why every department is looking for an opportunity to harrass the common man.

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    Dear Arvind sir,
    Mera naam Pradeep Singh Rana hai or mai indirapuram ghaziabad mai rahta hu, meri aapse 1 request hai, mere papa mr Vijay Singh Rana. delhi mai Dtc bus drive karte hain or 1 government employee hain. aaj ki date mai maximum companies mai 5 days working hota hai and junior level mai 6 day working hota hai, itna diffrence q hain isse kya sabit hota hai ki lower post mai jo employee kaam kr rahe wo 1 achhi life diserve nahi karte hain, aaj mere papa 54 years k ho gaye hai or umar k sath sath unka stamina bhi kam ho gya or wo thak jate hai, unki salary se hi hamara ghar chalta hai, meri aapse 1 request hai qki DTC state government k under work karti hai, aap ise 5 days working aproove kare.

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    bijli , pani, or mahngai k sare mudde life time chalte rahenge, chahe kisi ki bhi sarkar ho but meri najar mai ye sabse bada kaam hoga jo 1 baar aap ki sarkar karegi or life time tak isse jani jaegi or ye bahut bada kadam hai, please DTC ko 5 days working karo


    I was with Kejriwal ji on his first march from Ramlila Ground to Jantar Mantar

    He had given me a mobile number starting with 9868……This number is lost now:(

    will anybody tell me ?

    My number is 9717695017

    My blog of poem is

  • Bhujendra Kumar Mohanty-

    Dear Sir -God Bless Your Hope , I had pray to god ,it is true/not God knows .Because My hobby just like Your Hobby . But Now a days Poor citizen are not knows What they will do , Not decission . Another matter If somebody try to right way , But misunderstand .Poltics is a very Critical Matter . Aam Admi Party will Win always in Future . Any how I am B K Mohanty -Resided at Gurgaon , Contact No-9990488075. I Like Aam Admi Party special -Arvind Kejiriwal – I think as A humanbeing Minister are Help in the time of Problem .May be ?

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    Look Mr. Kejriwal. I am 100% supporter of yours. But the way you are speaking does not show that you are at least a literate. If you have no respect for any specific person it may be your own perspective but you as an INDIAN citizen cannot disrespect constitutional post. You are talking about a Governor as if he was your junior when you served government institution. Shame on you and your whole group who supports this type of your so called foolishness.

    Again you are doing wrong and one fine morning your so called bull shit realization will come and you will come in the public and say SORRY.

  • kulbhushan kataria

    Sir tried to contact with you all the way but did not succeed, need to contact with you urgently my number is 8586893749 and mail id is i am from delhi n need to speak with you sir plz.

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    dear sir am a disable person and regd with Delhi employment exchange in may 1994, but i have not got any intimation in this regard. till date i have not got any job intimation letter from employment exchange i am very depress sir. please help me my name is ” sanjya kumar, 9891839146, email:-, address is 2/85, Dr. Ambedkar Nagar Sec-6, New Delhi-110062, South Delhi

  • Richa Sharma

    In Delhi, there are lots of fraud agencies are running with the support of police.these agencies not only taking money from the needy people but also harrasing them. One of the top most fraud agency is Anju placement agency in bhikaji cama place. With fraud, these people are earning in lakhs and growing their business. They have started business in property dealing as well with the name “mahamaya associates”. Please save Delhi people and their hard earned money


  • Richa Sharma

    In fact main business of Anju placement agency is to pick money from the needy people and use delay tactics to make them tired and effortless.

    They also supply maid to constables and police officers which I came to know from the customer courts..there have long list of fraud cases but no action is taken against them..this agency is day by day growing and earning well becuase of some support system which is non other than our police system.

    Please dnt spoile our country with corruption.. Stop it now.

  • Joy Mukherjee


  • shweta

    Hello Sir,
    I am Meera Thakur want to give you some information as you says that you want to help your janta so sir as my neighbours are always threatening ,harassing and torhches me like any thing so i complained this to police in written but the officer is not treating my complaint as FIR and when i asked why are not taking any action against this so he told me that there is no law against all this matter and you have tolerate or bear all this as its so normal and this is not my neighbours get violent also and start beating my husband like any thing i know he is powerful but I dont thing so he is more powerful then justice
    so, sir I tried very much to tell you all this by many ways but I dint got any answer so I wrote all this here that you must do something after reading this and you will definately help me to get justice.
    I have attached the complaint copy also .
    Thank You
    Meera Thakur

  • Ajay Kumar Mirdha

    सर झारखण्ड के राजमहल परियोजना, गुस -खोरी कब बंद होगी, और क्या यहाँ के विधायक, एम० पी० जो BJP से है जो कुछ नहीं करते है , इस का क्या समादान कब होगा , सर एक बार आप से बात हो जाती तो अपने आप को खुस नसिब होता मोबाइल no. 9525777425 I

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    In odd & even part 2 once. Again. CNG. Vehicles are permitted all. Days. But what about company fitted LPG vehicles. Kindly gudie us

  • Gurmeet Singh

    Hello Mr. Kejriwal sir I had a huge respect for you as a person but the way u r strategy were made. In Punjab or else where will lead to failure ,please make ur stratigies based on data of demographics and pitch ur strong candidates not against big guns rather against average candidates so that they can win and u can make govt in Punjab with required margin plus 10% so that u can prove to nation the change u can bring.
    To me politics is like business if u understand ur competition and customer u can be a big success .Emotional card doesn’t play always.
    I wish I were in your circle where I can analyse ur demographic data and provide u stratigies
    Little abt me I am from Punjab working with Toyota as the strategic planning for growth I feel data analytics is key for ur success in Punjab don’t fight for every seat in big way do ur Parto analysis and focus on key areas as target